Digital Credit Scoring
to Boost Fintech Lending in Emerging Markets

API-based platform for credit scoring through digital footprint analysis. Trusted by fintechs across emerging markets in LATAM, Asia, Africa, and beyond. 

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Key Benefits of Digital Credit Scoring Using Digital Footprints

Identify valuable customers

Get 300+ data points through digital footprint analysis and precisely identify solvent customers. 

Detect potential defaulters early

Find any suspicious signs in seconds, detecting future defaulters without creating friction for your customers.

Unlock new markets

Tap into remote unbanked and underbanked markets and quickly gain a competitive advantage.

Distribute loans confidently in emerging markets
with limited traditional data

Empower your risk team with Digital Credit Scoring

Our Digital Credit Scoring solution analyzes the borrower’s email, phone number, IP address, full name, location, and photo, then evaluates their digital footprint from over 140 online platforms.

With just a single API call, RiskSeal provides lenders with 300+ customer insights, a detailed client profile, and a ready-to-use digital credit score.

Digital identity verification

The real-time authentication of a borrower's identity using online verification methods.

Detailed consumer profile

A 360-degree view of consumer digital footprints, spotlighting lifestyle habits for detailed understanding.

Alternative data points

300+ data points to enrich scoring models and reduce the time-to-yes from days to seconds. 


Local online services and market-specific insights enhance borrowers’ evaluation. 

The Impact of RiskSeal's 

Digital Credit Scoring Solution

Approved customer base growth

Identification of trustworthy customers from high-risk ones, even with low or no credit rating.

Differentiate risk with data analysis
Identify creditworthy clients with minimal history

Proactive default prevention

Stop defaulting loans before they happen and avoid the cost of debt collection, or loss from no repayment.

Predict defaults with advanced analytics
Enhance risk profiling with behavioral data

Credit risk reduction

Real-time, accurate, and extensive data to spot default risk, even in underbanked areas or without access to a credit bureau.

Utilize diverse data for risk insight
Advanced algorithms for underserved market assessment

Market Expansion

Enter and compete in new markets by reaching unbanked and underbanked populations.

Access untapped customer bases.
Overcome barriers of traditional credit data shortages.

Lower cost of risk

Leverage the predictive capability of AI and ML to improve digital
scorecards, decreasing the cost of risk.

Reduce KYC costs, even by 2.5 times.
Significantly decrease the default risk.

Great UX

Shorten the credit decision time from days to seconds with 300+ customer insights delivered in real time.

Achieve 20X ROI.
Identify valuable customers in 5 seconds.


What data will I get by using RiskSeal’s Digital Credit Scoring solution? 

By using RiskSeal’s Digital Credit Scoring solution, fintech providers access a set of alternative data aimed at enhancing the credit assessment process. 

The service provides over 300 data points by analyzing more than 140 online platforms, including regional ones. We ensure an in-depth analysis of a borrower's digital footprint and financial behavior.

Can RiskSeal integrate with my existing loan processing system?

Yes. RiskSeal can easily integrate with the existing loan origination system through its APIs, as an efficient addition of its risk management module. 

Is your Digital Credit Scoring solution compliant with privacy regulations?

Absolutely. Our Digital Credit Scoring solution is designed with strict adherence to privacy regulations, ensuring full compliance with both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

How long does it usually take to process an application?

Every application is processed in real-time, and it usually takes from 5 to 12 seconds. The speed depends on the regional platforms enabled for your account and the complexity of the profile when the Face recognition add-on is turned on.

Will I receive a completed Digital Credit Score? 

Yes, you will. Our system provides a fully evaluated digital credit score that reflects the creditworthiness of the individual.

How RiskSeal can improve the default ratio?
RiskSeal Digital Credit Score takes user identifiers (such as email, phone, and IP). It analyzes various digital and social signals in real-time to produce a reliable score that helps in assessing customers in the absence of credit history.
How does the integration with RiskSeal look like?
It’s a single API Endpoint where you send us the data and get an instant response. We support both synchronous and asynchronous integration, depending on the user flow. We require no embedded SDK or any other piece of software that should run on the device.
Can you provide examples of the digital and social footprint RiskSeal provides?
RiskSeal seamlessly verifies user identifiers across 50+ digital and social platforms to pull information about online reputation, digital presence, and financial behavior. The average profile created with RiskSeal includes name info, email age, email deliverability, registration information across 50+ platforms, whether email and phone number are connected and belong to the same person, and more.
Does RiskSeal flag bad customers across the region?
Yes, our clients benefit from network effects across our active regions.

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