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We change the way credit scoring is done

Started in late 2022 by innovators Vadim Ilyasov and Artem Lalaiants, RiskSeal quickly became a leader in creating a new way for fintech to manage risks and unlock new markets.

Our company isn't just a business venture. With strong leadership and technology skills, we're dedicated to making financial products more accessible for everyone. We provide alternative data for credit scoring to enable open finance.

Our Mission is to empower financial companies with real-time data to unlock hidden opportunities.


Artem Lalaiants

Artem has over a decade of expertise building risk management and fraud prevention software for various industries including media & entertainment, fintech, and gaming.

Vadim Ilyasov

Vadim is a seasoned technology leader and co-founder of several startups. He has a proven track record of building a 100+ members tech team and developing software used by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Let’s shape finance together

Joining RiskSeal means more than just finding a solution. It's about working together for mutual success. We're excited to share what we know, learn from you, and together, we can shape finance's future.


RiskSeal has two offices - in the USA (Delaware) and in Europe (Poland).


Marszalkowska street, 126/134, Marszalkowska Centrum, 00-008 Warsaw 00-008


2810-4447 North Church Street, Wilmington DE 19802

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