Drive Better Decision- Making with Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Check 120+ digital and social media sites, getting hundreds of alternative credit insights. Find valuable prime customers, predict future default risks, and tailor product offerings.

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What does a lookup phone number include?

Find digital and social accounts linked to a phone number and utilize a broad range of alternative data to assess the creditworthiness of clients.

Invalid numbers
Disposable numbers
Burner phones
Lack of digital and social accounts
Mismatch between the country code and IP location
Virtual SIMs
Association with high-risk activities in databases
Fraud rings or blacklisted connections
Inconsistent registration details
Numbers that appear in spam lists

How to use an a phone lookup by number

Risk management

Quickly evaluate potential borrowers' financial behavior and solvency with a single API call.

Approval rate increase

Grow your customer base using hundreds of alternative data points per borrower.

Fraud prevention

Assess applicant trustworthiness and get instant alerts for potential fraud.

What can you find with a phone number lookup?

RiskSeal searches across numerous databases to deliver detailed information linked to applicants’ phone numbers.

Real-time mobile number lookup

Discover if a mobile number is assigned to an applicant, retrieve the current mobile network operator, disposable number detection, and more.

Social media

Gather social and messenger data from 120+ social sites and apps, including user avatar, bio, profile info and last seen.

Profile picture analytics

Obtain a deeper understanding based on an instant face match of profile images from popular apps and services.

Telco information

Retrieve phone type information, including mobile, landline, and VOIP, as well as the name of the mobile operator providing the service.

Get hundreds of alternative 
data points for smart 

Benefits of phone number intelligence

Speed up decision-making

Instantly score your applicants to identify solvent borrowers and give more credit with confidence.

Reduce KYC cost

Minimize expenses on KYC by identifying up to 30% of unreliable clients early.

Detect fraud precisely

Identify synthetic IDs, SIM swapping, identity theft, account farming, and more.

What is a reverse phone number lookup?

Reverse phone number lookup is a useful tool for learning about potential borrowers by verifying their phone details.

RiskSeal checks phone numbers across over 120 digital platforms to provide 300+ insights, such as avatars, social profiles, and online subscriptions.

It's crucial for assessing creditworthiness and preventing damage from potential defaulters.


What capabilities does RiskSeal's reverse phone lookup offer?

RiskSeal's phone number lookup enables fintech providers to acquire alternative data points using only a phone number. It allows for verifying the phone number's validity, determining its association with social media profiles, and identifying if it's a temporary or disposable number, among other functionalities.

Is it legal to use RiskSeal’s reverse phone lookup tool?

Yes, using reverse phone lookup tools, including RiskSeal, is legal. RiskSeal’s solution compiles information from openly available sources and complies fully with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

The financial institution must verify the legal permissibility of looking up phone numbers. It is crucial to confirm that the user has given consent for their data to be used in this manner.

What information does RiskSeal's phone number lookup provide?

RiskSeal's phone number lookup identifies invalid, disposable, virtual SIMs, and burner numbers. 

The solution detects a lack of digital and social accounts linked to the number. It checks for mismatches between the country code and IP location. 

The lookup reveals associations with high-risk activities and fraud rings. It also identifies inconsistent registration details and numbers appearing in spam lists.

Does the lookup phone number add any friction to the end user?

No, the validation process is frictionless and occurs seamlessly in the background, eliminating the need to request separate approval from the end user.

How long does RiskSeal take to do a phone lookup by number?

RiskSeal performs real-time phone number lookups, typically completing each check within about 5 seconds. Following this, the credit organization receives numerous data points about the user.

Is it possible to perform a similar lookup using an email?

Yes, RiskSeal offers an email lookup. This solution conducts a similar analysis using an email instead of a phone number. For additional details, please visit our Email Lookup page.

Is a phone number enough to assess creditworthiness?

No, a single phone number is not sufficient for a comprehensive creditworthiness assessment. RiskSeal offers Digital Credit Scoring for this use case.

At RiskSeal, we enhance our evaluations by also verifying the applicant's email address. This dual approach allows us to gather hundreds of additional data points, ensuring a high-quality solvency assessment.

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