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Expand your customer base, manage risks, and identify BNPL fraud with digital footprint analysis.

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Key Benefits of Digital Footprint
Analysis for BNPL providers

Enhance credit risk assessment

Get 300+ insights from an email and phone number analysis to boost your credit decision accuracy and reduce never pays.

Expand customer base

Offer BNPL option to underbanked or unbanked populations. Tap into new customer segments without credit histories.

Improve customer experience

Create a seamless onboarding experience and simplify applications without compromising security.

Get alternative data to unlock new markets

Complete your traditional data with
digital footprint insights

Digital Credit Scoring for BNPL Providers

RiskSeal empowers BNPL providers to make informed decisions through comprehensive digital footprint analysis

Simply by using a customer's email and phone number, RiskSeal issues more than 300 insights, creates a detailed user’s digital profile and calculates a digital credit score.

Risk assessment

Get registration data from 140+ online platforms to prevent fraud and reduce never-pays.

Real-time decisions

Approve purchases immediately and remove bad actors to prevent unauthorized orders and evasion.

BNPL fraud prevention

Use alternative data insights to fight identity theft, fake accounts, and scammers.

Data enrichment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of users through a 360-degree view of key behavior metrics.

Frictionless onboarding

Minimize drop-offs during onboarding by streamlining the identity verification process. Save up to 70% on your KYC budget.

Customized approach

Experience a tailored service, considering regional nuances and incorporating the platforms you require.

Results of BNPL businesses

Approved customer base growth

Identification of trustworthy customers from high-risk ones, even with low or no credit rating.

Differentiate risk with data analysis
Identify creditworthy clients with minimal history

Proactive default prevention

Stop defaulting loans before they happen and avoid the cost of debt collection, or loss from no repayment.

Predict defaults with advanced analytics
Enhance risk profiling with behavioral data

Credit risk reduction

Real-time, accurate, and extensive data to spot default risk, even in underbanked areas or without access to a credit bureau.

Utilize diverse data for risk insight
Advanced algorithms for underserved market assessment

Reduced default rates

Use digital footprint analysis and get alternative data to make the right decisions and reduce never pays. 

140+ digital and social platforms for data-driven risk evaluation on each application.
Accurate detection of stolen IDs through name verification and facial recognition methods.

Reach unbanked markets

Enrich your data, create detailed digital profiles, and monitor behavioral metrics to effectively identify valuable customers.

300+ actionable insights in every transaction, including solvency indicators.
Real-time client scoring to identify invisible prime customers.

Simple risk navigation

Operate in low-friction and high-risk environments, ensuring accurate and fast digital identification.

Email and phone number is all you need to get from your customer to initiate the check.
24/7 access to the client portal to navigate through checks, adjust credit decisions, and request reports.


What data does RiskSeal offer BNPL providers via digital footprint analysis?

RiskSeal provides BNPL providers with digital footprint analysis that includes real-time verification of email, phone number, and IP address. Also, RiskSeal checks the applicant against 140+ platforms like social media, e-commerce and professional services, messengers, gambling websites, and more.

This helps BNPL providers assess credit risk and detect fraud by analyzing consumer behavior and online presence.

What extra data points does RiskSeal use to boost BNPL Digital Credit Scores?

To enhance BNPL Digital Credit Scores, RiskSeal incorporates additional data points including Full Name, Location, and Photo, providing a comprehensive view of a consumer's digital profile.

How does RiskSeal impact BNPL decisions with its Digital Credit Score?

RiskSeal's Digital Credit Score influences BNPL decisions by providing a predictive measure of a customer's likelihood to repay, derived from their digital footprint. This includes analysis of social profiles, professional and educational backgrounds, and lifestyle habits.

It enables BNPL providers to identify high-risk applications early, reducing reliance on KYC and bureau checks. 

Furthermore, it bolsters Machine Learning models, improving the accuracy of credit scorecards.

How quickly can RiskSeal process transactions for BNPL services?

RiskSeal processes transactions for BNPL services in real-time, completing checks within 4 to 12 seconds based on the data complexity.

How RiskSeal can improve the default ratio?
RiskSeal Digital Credit Score takes user identifiers (such as email, phone, and IP). It analyzes various digital and social signals in real-time to produce a reliable score that helps in assessing customers in the absence of credit history.
How does the integration with RiskSeal look like?
It’s a single API Endpoint where you send us the data and get an instant response. We support both synchronous and asynchronous integration, depending on the user flow. We require no embedded SDK or any other piece of software that should run on the device.
Can you provide examples of the digital and social footprint RiskSeal provides?
RiskSeal seamlessly verifies user identifiers across 50+ digital and social platforms to pull information about online reputation, digital presence, and financial behavior. The average profile created with RiskSeal includes name info, email age, email deliverability, registration information across 50+ platforms, whether email and phone number are connected and belong to the same person, and more.
Does RiskSeal flag bad customers across the region?
Yes, our clients benefit from network effects across our active regions.

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