Alternative Data for Fintech Providers
in the USA

Identify valuable customers among those with zero information in credit bureaus. 300+ data points through digital footprint analysis.

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Regional American services
for digital footprint analysis

RiskSeal offers 140+ online and social media platforms to analyze applicants’ digital footprints. Additionally, we provide our American clients with alternative data from regional services.

Explore some of the major American services listed below. For a full list, including niche services, please contact our sales team.







The power of alternative data in making better loan decisions

Enhanced risk management

Get 300+ data points on each American borrower collected from 140+ online services, including regional and niche ones.

Financial inclusion

Identify reliable borrowers with the help of alternative data. Increase your approval rate and maximize profit.

Smart decision-making

Make faster, informed lending decisions using real-time data. Increase customer satisfaction by quick loan disbursement.


How much does your solution cost for American fintech providers?

RiskSeal offers a unified pricing policy applicable to all our clients.

Basic Plan. Priced at $499 per month, this plan is tailored for small fintech companies managing lower volumes of transactions. It provides all the essential services needed to get started with digital footprint analysis.

Custom plan. Designed for entities with higher transaction volumes. The RiskSeal team analyzes the client's situation and offers highly competitive pricing terms tailored to their needs.

For further details or to discuss which plan best suits your needs, please visit our pricing page or contact our sales team.

What added value does RiskSeal provide to its customers in the USA?

RiskSeal delivers substantial benefits to its clients in the USA, including:

Personalized onboarding guidance. Clients receive hands-on assistance during the setup process.
Expert support in data interpretation. We help you understand and leverage the data effectively.
24/7 technical support. Our team is available to resolve any technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime.
99.9% uptime guarantee for APIs. RiskSeal commits to high reliability, which is crucial for financial operations.
Unlimited access to a client portal with detailed analytics. Actionable analytics to monitor performance and optimize operations.

How can I make sure RiskSeal’s data works for my company?

To ensure RiskSeal data works for your company, you can use a free Proof of Concept (PoC) against your historical transactions. 

This enables you to directly assess the value of RiskSeal's digital credit scoring solution in the context of your data and estimate a potential uplift for your scoring models. 

After the PoC, we provide you with an analysis of historical transactions, demonstrating how RiskSeal can enhance your existing scoring models. This approach ensures you can make an informed decision about integrating RiskSeal's solutions into your business framework.

How RiskSeal can improve the default ratio?
RiskSeal Digital Credit Score takes user identifiers (such as email, phone, and IP). It analyzes various digital and social signals in real-time to produce a reliable score that helps in assessing customers in the absence of credit history.
How does the integration with RiskSeal look like?
It’s a single API Endpoint where you send us the data and get an instant response. We support both synchronous and asynchronous integration, depending on the user flow. We require no embedded SDK or any other piece of software that should run on the device.
Can you provide examples of the digital and social footprint RiskSeal provides?
RiskSeal seamlessly verifies user identifiers across 50+ digital and social platforms to pull information about online reputation, digital presence, and financial behavior. The average profile created with RiskSeal includes name info, email age, email deliverability, registration information across 50+ platforms, whether email and phone number are connected and belong to the same person, and more.
Does RiskSeal flag bad customers across the region?
Yes, our clients benefit from network effects across our active regions.

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