Empower Your Neobank with Alternative Data

Powerful digital footprint analysis for scoring and data enrichment.

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Key advantages for neobanks

Get alternative data for credit scoring

Gain 300+ insights to boost approval rates for financial products: loans, BNPL, and debit cards.

Empower financial inclusion

Attract new accounts and increase your profits with the power of alternative data.

Minimize onboarding risks

Identify fraudulent accounts even before KYC checks and reduce expenses by up to 70%.

Enter emerging markets with powerful alternative data

Complete your traditional data with
digital footprint insights

Score clients from emerging markets in real-time

Analyzing digital footprints from email, phone number, and IP address, neobanks get hundreds of useful data. It helps them identify valuable customers and effectively manage risks

With real-time alternative data, we assist digital banks in clients’ scoring, minimizing onboarding risks, and identifying fraud

Digital footprint insights

Get 300+ digital footprint signals to identify suspicious activity without KYC checks.

Risk management

Assess account risks with alternative datato lower default rates.

Identity verification

Get alternative identity checks through face matching and name analysis techniques. 

Frictionless onboarding

Minimize drop-offs during onboarding by streamlining identity verification process.

Fraud prevention

Quickly detect and block fraudulent activities. Prevent mass fake account registrations.

Scalable system

Benefit from unlimited identity verifications and avoid overpayments with our pay-as-you-go model.

What neobanks can expect

Approved customer base growth

Identification of trustworthy customers from high-risk ones, even with low or no credit rating.

Differentiate risk with data analysis
Identify creditworthy clients with minimal history

Proactive default prevention

Stop defaulting loans before they happen and avoid the cost of debt collection, or loss from no repayment.

Predict defaults with advanced analytics
Enhance risk profiling with behavioral data

Credit risk reduction

Real-time, accurate, and extensive data to spot default risk, even in underbanked areas or without access to a credit bureau.

Utilize diverse data for risk insight
Advanced algorithms for underserved market assessment

Approval rate increase

300+ digital footprint insights to streamline the customer acquisition process.

Identify invisible primes with no credit history
Get registration data from 120+ digital platforms

Default rate reduction

Precise digital verification to remove any suspicious accounts.

Identity checks, including face matching and name analysis
Rapid flagging and elimination of suspicious accounts

Enhanced scorecards performance

Speed up the decision-making process to quickly identifyand block scam accounts.

Reduction of KYC costs, even by 2.5 times
Unlimited checks to scale loan application processing


How can RiskSeal assist neobanks in improving their credit scorecards?

RiskSeal delivers over 300 data points that can be transformed into well-engineered features to improve credit scorecard performance.

Can RiskSeal identify suspicious accounts?

Yes, it can. Fraudsters frequently utilize email addresses and phone numbers with minimal digital footprint and commonly mask their activities using VPNs or proxies. In these instances, the rich dataset provided by RiskSeal proves invaluable.

What data from digital footprint can provide neobanks with information for credit scoring?

Internet usage is increasing globally, even in underbanked markets, so online activity provides a wealth of customer insights.

Paid subscriptions with Netflix, Amazon, or Spotify tell about spending habits and financial discipline, while GitHub, Atlassian, and LinkedIn uncover many insights about work experience. 

Within a single check, RiskSeal covers 120+ different social & digital platforms, providing a comprehensive view for more nuanced scoring.

Can digital footprint analysis provide enough information for accurate credit scoring?

Absolutely. A digital footprint is a rich source of user insights, precious for younger generations who traditional data sources might not fully capture. 

This method can encompass a range of metrics, including wealth indicators and gambling behaviors, providing a comprehensive view for more nuanced scoring. 

Is RiskSeal capable of improving approval rates for credit products?

Yes, with its highly predictive data on creditworthiness, RiskSeal effectively increases approval rates.

How RiskSeal can improve the default ratio?
RiskSeal Digital Credit Score takes user identifiers (such as email, phone, and IP). It analyzes various digital and social signals in real-time to produce a reliable score that helps in assessing customers in the absence of credit history.
How does the integration with RiskSeal look like?
It’s a single API Endpoint where you send us the data and get an instant response. We support both synchronous and asynchronous integration, depending on the user flow. We require no embedded SDK or any other piece of software that should run on the device.
Can you provide examples of the digital and social footprint RiskSeal provides?
RiskSeal seamlessly verifies user identifiers across 50+ digital and social platforms to pull information about online reputation, digital presence, and financial behavior. The average profile created with RiskSeal includes name info, email age, email deliverability, registration information across 50+ platforms, whether email and phone number are connected and belong to the same person, and more.
Does RiskSeal flag bad customers across the region?
Yes, our clients benefit from network effects across our active regions.

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