Email Lookup Solution for Fintech Providers

Uncover over 300 unique data points from the digital identity of potential customers. Identify hidden prime customers, detect future defaulters, adjust product offerings, and more.

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What does an email account lookup include?

RiskSeal allows fintech providers to verify applicants’ identities based only on their email addresses. Within a single API call, multiple checks are performed, including:

Deliverability verification
Digital and social profiles
Domain data analysis
Data breaches
Creation date check
Free/Disposable domain identification
Website registration check
Suspicious top-level domain assessment
Spam-listed addresses
Throwaway email profiles

How to use an email address lookup

Credit Risk Management

Evaluate the financial behavior of potential borrowers and assess their solvency in one API call.

Fraud Prevention

Determine the applicant's trustworthiness and receive alerts in case of potential fraud.

Customer base growth

Increase your approval rates by utilizing hundreds of alternative data points for each borrower.

What can you find using
the email lookup tool?

RiskSeal offers an extensive digital and social media lookup service. We scan over 140 digital and social media sites to gather a wealth of information.

Email owner information

The name of the person, every associated phone number, and hidden email addresses.

Web accounts and subscriptions

Registrations across digital platforms, including dating, shopping, gambling, and professional networks.

Social media accounts

All social media platforms, including local and regional networks.

Photos and avatars

All the available images, photos, and public user profile pictures.

Start identifying your prime customers with email lookup 
by RiskSeal

Benefits of email lookup

Frictionless signups

Ensure seamless user onboarding by conducting background checks efficiently.

Cost-effective KYC

Minimize expenses on KYC processes by proactively identifying unreliable clients.

Fraudulent accounts detection

Utilize advanced data analysis to detect and prevent fraudulent account registrations.


What is an email lookup?

An email lookup by RiskSeal is a solution designed to enhance the decision-making process of financial organizations.

It's essential for checking the creditworthiness of customers and is especially useful for verifying the population without a formal credit history.

RiskSeal performs Gmail email lookup to verify account existence and deliverability. By utilizing an individual’s email, RiskSeal performs various checks to verify identities and collect comprehensive data about the applicant.

This information includes insights into financial discipline, solvency, and online activities, thereby enabling fintech providers to make safer lending decisions and effectively mitigate risks.

Email lookup solution protects against potential fraudulent activities, making it a valuable asset for any financial service looking to improve security and customer evaluation.

What information does RiskSeal's reverse email lookup provide?

RiskSeal's reverse email lookup solution takes an email address as the initial input and enhances it by providing details like deliverability, data breaches, and creation date. Also, our solution provides all associated social media profiles, online registrations, and subscriptions.

Does RiskSeal's reverse email lookup tool comply with legal standards?

Yes, RiskSeal, operating as a processor, meets all GDPR requirements and complies with various other regulatory standards, equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools to address all necessary compliance obligations.

The financial institution must ensure that it is legally permissible to look up email addresses. It is essential to confirm that they have obtained the user's consent to use their data for this purpose.

Does email address lookup add any friction to the end user?

No. The validation process is frictionless, occurring seamlessly in the background without the need to separately request the user’s approval.

How long does RiskSeal take to do an email lookup check?

RiskSeal conducts real-time email address lookups, typically completing each check in approximately 5 seconds. Following this, the credit organization receives over 300 data points about the user.

Is it possible to perform a similar lookup using a phone number?

Yes, RiskSeal offers a phone number lookup. This solution conducts a similar analysis using a phone number instead of an email. For additional details, please visit our Phone Number Lookup page.

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