Smart decisions through digital footprints

Global platform for alternative credit risk data.
Get access to 300+ instant alternative data points.

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Smart decisions through digital footprints

Global platform for alternative credit risk data.
Get access to 300+ instant alternative data points.

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Boost your insights with the Digital Credit Scoring platform

Enhance your predictive power, reduce risk costs, and increase your approval rate with digital footprint analysis.

Detect future defaulters in the early stage

Recognize default risk in seconds using AI/ML technology and digital footprint analysis.

Access emerging markets

Tap into emerging unbanked and underbanked markets and gain a competitive advantage.

Get a digital credit score

Acquire instant client scoring, make error-free credit decisions, and identify invisible prime customers.

Detailed user profiles through digital footprint analysis

Digital footprints

Extracting actionable signals from 140+ social and digital platforms for client insights.

Data enrichment

Transforming digital signals into 300+ tailored data points for automated decisions.

Real-time trust engine

Streamlining onboarding with thorough pre-KYC background checks.

Risk score

Advanced name verification and face recognition with a ready-to-use risk score on multiple categories.

Full-featured Digital Footprint Analysis and Credit Scoring

Social & digital footprint analysis

Uncover hidden online activities and financial habits with a deep dive into borrower’s digital behavior.

140+ platforms available
Gambling and betting platforms
Paid subscriptions check

360-degree view of key metrics

Gain insights into financial reliability and consumer behavior, enabling informed decisions and risk assessment.

Digital Credit Score 
Instant Trust & Fraud Score
E-commerce habits & purchase power
Solvency score
Financial persistence

Name analysis

Enhance identity verification with matching techniques, adapting for diverse spellings and linguistic differences.

Cross-platform name matching
Adjusts for spelling & cultural variations
Multi-language model

Automated face matching

Get precise face matching, ensuring authenticity through advanced detection technologies.

Selfie-to-profile matching
Authenticity checks
Face detection

Data breach analytics

Utilize data breach insights for ID verification, differentiating mature, legitimate email addresses from potential risks.

Email & phone data breach sources
Multi-source verification
1B+ accounts database

Email domain insights

Get comprehensive domain analysis, pinpointing deliverability, and flagging risky email sources.

Domain data analysis
Deliverability verification
Free/Disposable domain identification
Website registration check
Creation date check
Suspicious top-level domain assessment

Help your risk team make better decisions

Discover why top fintech providers trust RiskSeal

Boosting credit insights

RiskSeal provides a detailed online profile for each applicant, covering their social media and online activities. They also provide highly precise Digital Credit Scores. This information enables us to make well-informed credit decisions.

Tymur Bugaevskiy
Head of Data Science @OnCredit

Why RiskSeal


Free Proof of Concept
Pay-as-you-go model
No hidden fees
No technical or pricing limitations


5 seconds to identify future defaulters
Instant ROI
8 hours on average to integrate with an API Endpoint


GDPR & industry-standard compliance
Secure & robust data protection measures
140+ platforms available


Intuitive client portal
Developer-first API

Award-winning excellence recognized across the industry

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