Digital Credit Scoring

Combines all types of digital signals to create a reliable and cost-effective solution for lending Industry.

Digital Credit Score

Online lenders are constantly expanding their reach to new, emerging markets. However, traditional credit data is often not available in those regions, making alternative sources of data essential for success.

RiskSeal is offering its first-to-market fully compliant modern credit scoring model based on thousands of actual data points processed using machine learning algorithms trained on historical data.

Digital Credit Scoring helps online lenders tap into remote unbanked and underbanked markets and quickly gain competitive advantage.

Detect Future Defaulters on the early stage

Trust is what lending is based on. It is difficult to distinguish between good customers and potential defaulters without having a holistic view on their digital footprint. This is where RiskSeal's Digital Profile comes in extremely handy.

RiskSeal helps you identify any suspicious signs in the matter of seconds detecting gamblers, high risk customers and future defaulters without creating any friction to your customers.

Identify high-value customers

Our digital footprint analytics seamlessly integrate alternative credit scoring, providing a 360-degree view of an individual's credibility.

Uncovering patterns in online behavior, preferences and social interactions, our solution goes beyond the surface, identifying customers with the means and intention to contribute substantial value.
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