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RiskSeal and RNDpoint Form Strategic Partnership

The press release about RiskSeal and RNDpoint partnership to provide digital lending organizations with detailed digital profiles of borrowers.

Anastasiya Shitikova
Marketing Manager @RiskSeal
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Wilmington, DE, February 2024 - RiskSeal, an API-based SaaS platform specializing in alternative credit scoring through digital footprint analysis, is glad to announce a strategic partnership with RNDpoint, a global Fintech development company and credit risk management software provider.

RiskSeal and RNDpoint partnership

RiskSeal empowers lenders with over 300 alternative data points derived from in-depth phone numbers, IP addresses, and email information analysis. Leveraging an AI-powered Digital Credit Scoring platform, RNDpoint can now enhance its software products for digital lenders by integrating alternative data, providing a competitive edge in the dynamic financial landscape.

Artem Lalaiants, CEO at RiskSeal: “We analyze data from over 120 online and social platforms, offering a wealth of alternative data. Through our collaboration with RNDpoint, digital lending providers can access detailed digital profiles of borrowers, empowering them to make more informed lending decisions. Clients of RNDpoint will receive a convenient API solution, streamlining access to essential information and enhancing overall risk management effectiveness.”

This partnership allows financial institutions to leverage the power of alternative data, offering predictive capabilities for more informed decisions.

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